Announcing django-axes 0.1.1-rc1

I've released a new version of django-axes this morning. This project allows you to keep track of failed login attempts on your Django-powered sites quickly and easily. It pays attention to the built-in login functions for the Django administration utility as well as the stock django.contrib.auth.views.login method. If a particular user fails to login successfully after 3 tries (this number is customizable), a record is made of the failure for the site admins to review.

This new version addresses what appeared to be related to some recursive function calls interpretting one failed login attempt as much more than that (sometimes more than 100 alleged failed login attempts for a single actual failed login attempt!). I also added a log file for easier access to the stuff that happens when django-axes kicks into action.

For more information, see the following links:

Please comment with any questions, suggestions, etc you have in regards to django-axes!


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