I'm Using Nikola Now

For anyone who still might be visiting my site with any regularity, you might have noticed some changes around here. For the past several years, I've been blogging on a Django-based system that I wrote a very long time ago. I wrote it because, at the time, there weren't many Django-based blogging platforms, and certainly none of the few were quite as robust as I thought I wanted.

I set out to build my own blogging platform, and I think it worked out fairly well. As with all things, however, it became obsolete as the ecosystem around it flourished. I simply didn't have the time to continue maintaining it as I should have. That's also part of the reason for my lack of activity here these past couple of years.

Anyway, in an effort to keep this blog alive, I've switched to a much more simple blogging system known as nikola. It's not your run of the mill Wordpress clone. No, it's much more simple than that, but it doesn't sacrifice much of what I had with django-articles. I still get to write my posts using a format that I enjoy (restructuredtext). I get to write my posts in an editor that I enjoy (vim). I get to keep my posts in a "database" that I enjoy (git). I get to deploy using an interface that I enjoy (the command line). And I don't have to try to keep up with what is happening in the blogging ecosystem--there are plenty of other people handling that with nikola for me!

So, you can expect more posts in the coming year. Call it a new year's resolution.


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