django-pendulum news

I've made several fun improvements to my Pendulum Django application. Perhaps the most noteworthy for most people is the addition of a default jQuery-powered date picker for adding and updating entries. I was hesitant to make anything like this be required because some people might prefer controls other than the one I chose. However, I tried to make it easy to override this default date picker if you so desire. Hopefully someone will report on how easy/difficult it is.

Also, I've added django-pendulum to the PyPI, which is Python's little package repository. You can think of it as an apt-get repository for those of you familiar with Debian/Ubuntu Linux or derivatives. There is a utility called easy_install, which obviously makes it easy to install packages that are found in the PyPI. The command to install django-pendulum with easy_install is easy_install django-pendulum. Good stuff!

There have been various other changes to the code, and I have some more changes planned. We'll see how long it takes me to get around to making these changes...


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