django-watermark 0.1.5-pre1

I've been making several updates to django-watermark during my more boring classes the past couple days. I have just released a new version for your pleasure.

Changes include:

  • A lot of code refactoring. There was a lot of logic in the watermark filter itself. I decided this logic should be placed elsewhere so as to make the utils.watermark function easier to use outside the realm of the watermark filter.
  • Removed the "parameter precedence" that used to exist between the positioning, tiling, and scaling parameters. Previously, if scale was defined, any values for position and tile were ignored. Similarly, if any value was given for tile, any value for position was ignored. Now you can use all three parameters simultaneously.
  • Added a couple of goodies for positioning and scaling.

I think this is quite a stable release. Please notify me if you find any problems with it!!

django-watermark 0.1.2-pre1

I've added a few updates to django-watermark and figured it was time to announce another release. Updates include:

  • the ability to place watermarks randomly on the target image
  • updated the way relative positioning works. Now, position=50%x50% will center the watermark image on the target image. Previously django-watermark placed the top-left corner of the watermark image in the center of the target image.
  • the ability to convert the watermark image to a transparent greyscale image before applying it to the target image
  • the ability to rotate the watermark image using either a specific number of degrees or usign a random rotation value

Both Google Code and PyPI have been updated with these changes.

Project Release: django-watermark 0.1.0-pre1

I've found myself in many situations where I have several images that need a watermark applied to them. Applying a watermark to more than 5 images at a time is annoying at best, even if you do have macros to do the mundane stuff for you. I don't like to do things that annoy me.

Recently, I found myself yet again confronted with a "please watermark these images" sort of situation, and I decided to take a more logical approach to the problem: program it. The result of my efforts is called django-watermark and is available on Google Code and PyPI. To be perfectly honest, I actually ganked most of the useful code for this application from a generous soul on the Internet.

This seems to be working fine for me. I think the positioning for watermarks might need more work, but there are several options to hold people over for the time being. Please let me know what your thoughts are.

django-pendulum news

I've made several fun improvements to my Pendulum Django application. Perhaps the most noteworthy for most people is the addition of a default jQuery-powered date picker for adding and updating entries. I was hesitant to make anything like this be required because some people might prefer controls other than the one I chose. However, I tried to make it easy to override this default date picker if you so desire. Hopefully someone will report on how easy/difficult it is.

Also, I've added django-pendulum to the PyPI, which is Python's little package repository. You can think of it as an apt-get repository for those of you familiar with Debian/Ubuntu Linux or derivatives. There is a utility called easy_install, which obviously makes it easy to install packages that are found in the PyPI. The command to install django-pendulum with easy_install is easy_install django-pendulum. Good stuff!

There have been various other changes to the code, and I have some more changes planned. We'll see how long it takes me to get around to making these changes...