The Picnic

Ported From Blogger

The following post was ported from my old blogger account.

Yesterday I was once again privileged to enjoy Mindy's company for a few hours. First, we met up for a religious meeting that is held each Tuesday on our campus. Afterwards, I walked her to her apartment so that she could change into more appropriate clothes for the following activity. I went to my place and changed as well and picked her up again. We stopped by the store to get some supplies and made our way out to "R" mountain.

"R" mountain is actually a butte (or something along those lines) with a huge white "R" painted on it (signifying "Rexburg" I suppose). It was quite a hike up there in the blistering heat, but we made it to the top. I feel bad, though, because Mindy isn't exactly the world's biggest fan of heights. That didn't even occur to me when I invited her to hike it with me. Blast.

Anyway, once we made it to the top, we had a nice little "picnic" of sorts. Then we just sat there for a while, enjoying the wonders of nature and each others' company. I feel like we had some pretty good conversations again. I really enjoyed spending the time with her.

The hike down was pretty interesting because it was rocky and slippery most of the way. Thankfully, we both made it down alive and we came back into Rexburg. I have been a bad influence on her the past few nights--I kept her out too late. She had some homework to take care of, and we both figured it would be a wise decision for her to do that instead of being a rebel with me. Pretty satisfying day in my opinion.