Google AdSense

Ported From Blogger

The following post was ported from my old blogger account.

So, I recently started this blog thing, right? To my surprise, the "dashboard" or control panel has a special spot for one to add Google Ads to their blog with great ease! I, after having heard of others' successes with Google Ads, decided to give it a go. My very first post (which has been removed already) mentioned how I would be joining the c h a o s of bloggerdom. Google Ads saw the 'C' word in the previous sentence and put ads about hurricanes and natural disasters all over my page!! It wasn't until I removed that post that the ads changed to something about blogs.

Over in my links you'll notice that I have one to a blog called "Rug Burns." All of the Google Ads on his page are about burns and first aid. It doesn't matter what he posts on his blog--the ads always seem to talk about the title of his blog.

Very strange. Let's see if my ads change now that I've mentioned his title in this post. :D